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Encores! by Future Design Studio

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Are you asking yourself “Is this all there is?”

Encores! is a membership organization expressly designed for individuals who are facing the crisis of the second half of their lives and wondering how they can cope and come through this immense challenge renewed and empowered.

In his groundbreaking book, Listening to Midlife, Mark Gerzon wrote

“In the second half of life, our old compasses no longer work. The magnetic fields alter. The new compass that we need cannot be held in our hand, only in our heart. We read it not with our mind alone, but with our soul…”

“Could we envision ourselves as seeking ways in which to realize our yearnings for wholeness? Could we embark on a pathway which might lead to nothing less than a transformation?”

My Webster’s New World Dictionary defines “encore” as

1. A demand by the audience, shown by applause, for further performance;

2. The performance or piece performed in answer to such a demand.

What’s life all about?

Does it have any meaning at all? If so, how are we to make sense of it?

I believe that as we pass through our lives that the Universe, Big Mind, the Divine Feminine, God or whatever name we call the Source, LIFE is calling us to realize and manifest more peace, more love, more abundance.

It’s been my experience and that of my teachers and friends that somewhere between our late thirties and our early sixties we begin to question the assumptions we have built our lives upon. We question our careers, our roles as parents and partners.

We notice changes in our bodies. We don’t feel as young and energized as we used to. We have more aches and pains. We visit doctors more often. Some of us get replacement parts.

We observe the aging process in our parents. People dear to us fall prey to illness and death. We grieve in bitterness or unbearable despair.

All of these changes find us bewildered and leave us with a pervading sense of unease.

I wanted to explore how the yearning Gerzon describes might be examined within a real-world paradigm for self exploration and renewal. I wanted to create a community in which individuals and couples could work with me and my select group of resource providers to access both their inner wisdom and the services of experts in their field in order to create their personal road map for the second half of life.

May you find the peace, fulfillment and abundance you so richly deserve!

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