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Are Your Preparing for the Future or Standing Still?

The old bromide holds true: Two things one can always count on are death and taxes. I would add a third: change. As the volume of knowledge continues to explode and the pace of globalism increases, the pace of change increases exponentially. Our challenge is to successfully cope with change without allowing it to overwhelm us. Easily said and hard to execute.

The current recession is expected to continue indefinitely despite the concerted efforts of governments world-wide to bolster the economy. One of the most expected impacts will be a loss of jobs throughout the marketplace.

In past posts, I talked about the need for you to step back and examine your attitudes toward your current company and how you can reframe negative reactive patterns that do not serve you well. I also suggested activities for the mind and body that can help you cope better with stress, maintain your equilibrium, and strengten your equanimity.

Today I urge you to take action: Develop a career insurance plan NOW. Don’t wait passively for the axe to fall. Don’t rely on hope to salvage your job. In the larger scheme of things, you have little control over whether your company will choose or be forced to downsize its workforce. You do have control over whether you take the initiative to develop a plan in the event your job is cut. You do have control over whether you act to implement that plan.

“There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still.” — Franklin D. Roosevelt

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