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A Career Development Program for Recessionary Times

Yesterday I mentioned that Future Design Studio will be offering a series of special reports to help you create a fulfilling life and career. These will be priced at ridiculously low prices so that anyone can afford to purchase them.

Today I want to tell you about a subscription career development program that contains all of the essential elements of my private practice but that is priced right for these recessionary times. I realize that the cost of my face-to-face coaching service, while a true bargain and far below that of my competitors, is still beyond the reach of many. Therefore I have created a subscription service where clients can participate entirely on line.

Here’s how it works. You enroll in the program and agree to pay a monthly fee that is charged to your credit card. I give you the same assignments via email that I give my private clients. You complete them and email them back to me. I critique them and suggest additions, revisions, etc. Since there is no travel, you save on gas. Since there are no formal sessions, you can work on your program whenever you wish. Yet, you still receive the same quality of coaching and support that my private clients receive. However, this program will be limited to 50 clients only. Want to know more? Please contact me for details!  

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