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You Are Not Alone

There is a way to experience how each of us is inextricably connected to all sentient beings and the universe itself. At the end of each day, sit down and ask yourself, “What have I received from others today? What have I received from the universe?” It may initially be difficult because we take so many things for granted.

Listen to this observation from Gregg Krech, the author of A Natural Approach to Mental Wellness:

“The other day I had to drive to a restaurant in the city of Ottawa, Canada. I am not very familiar with Ottawa. I was able to find my destination, in part, thanks to the efforts of those who put up street signs and highway signs along the way. That took a lot of effort, time and money. Without such signs I would surely have been lost. Too often I benefit from street signs without considering the efforts of those who put them up…Too often we take the simplest things for granted.”

Who designed and produced the glasses we see out of? Who designed and built the cars we drive? Have we noticed the help the woman at the supermarket checkout gave us?

Do we acknowledge the rain that waters the crops we eat? Do we acknowledge the wonders of nature that provides trees that shade us and gives us the wood to build our homes?

So you might want to take time during the evening hours of the next few days and simply note the many gifts the universe and the people within it have given you. You are not alone. You are supported in many ways. Take heart and cultivate gratitude.

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