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Meet Neal Griebling

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I am the founder of Future Design Studio, Inc., a for profit organization established to offer organic and holistic approaches to individuals seeking fulfillment and meaning in their lives.Neal Griebling

Before creating FDS, for many years I was a planner, program developer and fund-raiser, raising millions of dollars for nonprofit organizations to design and fund innovative programs. My focus now is one primarily of serving individuals, guiding and supporting them to realize their full potential.

Future Design Studio employs the talents and skills of a network of professionals with whom I work collaboratively to serve the needs of my clients. My team collectively can address the financial, personal and career needs of my clients in ways that support and empower them.

I am a Life-Work Discovery guide.

I trained with Fern Gorin of the Life Purpose Institute in San Diego, California and am certified as a career consultant and coach. As a guide, my mission is to help individuals create lives and careers they love. I have been in practice for 8 years.

I am a Constructive Living Instructor.

I received my training and certification from Gregg Krech at the ToDo Institute in Middlebury, Vermont. Constructive Living was developed by the American cultural anthropologist David. K. Reynolds and incorporates the teachings of Morita and Naikan, two Japanese psychotherapies into a “life way” for Westerners.

Morita practice enables students to accept their negative feelings and thoughts as normal while taking action and responsibility for their lives. Naikan practice provides students with an experiential understanding of how their lives are supported by the beings and universe around them.

I am a Zen chaplain who works with the dying and their families.

With deep roots in both Christianity and Buddhism, I established and led Peaceful Dwelling Place, a nonprofit ecumenical organization, that trained and placed volunteers to be compassionate companions to the sick and dying. I currently provide consultation services to diverse hospice organizations in the greater Pittsburgh area.

I received my chaplain’s certification after extensive practice with Diane Martin, Abbot of the Udumbara Zen Center in Evanston, Illinois. As a life-long zen student, I have studied with some of the finest teachers including Dainin Katagiri and Shohaku Okumura. I currently practice with Sensei Janet Jiryu Abels at Still Mind Zendo in New York City and serve as practice leader at the Plum Blossom Zendo in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.