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Discovering Your Power

“You must find the place inside yourself where nothing is impossible.” Deepak Chopra


“This is the time. This is the place. This is the vastness. Right here is paradise. Always. Always.” — Byron Katie

Discover Natural Chi Movement for Yourself

An informal Natural Chi Movement community has emerged from the NCM workshop held last fall in Pittsburgh. Individuals come together for monthly practice sessions and to share our experiences with this marvelous approach to health and healing.

Are you interested in learning more about Natural Chi Movement ? A second workshop will be held in Pittsburgh Saturday, April 30, 2011. For more information, please contact David Mortell at

Fulfillment Through Natural Chi Movement?

In my previous post, I mentioned attending a Natural Chi Movement workshop conducted by Tienko Ting.  The workshop was a revelation. I was introduced to a man and a process that allowed energy to flow through my body without my conscious control.  To describe the process is maddenly difficult. Before even attempting that, let me describe what transpired that day.

The workshop opened with a lengthy and detailed presentation by Taylor Call who served as workshop facilitator.  Prior to attending, participants were able to download a 29 page guide that described what to expect on the day of the workshop. Taylor shared how her path had led her to Tienko, outlined the goals of the workshop, and encouraged us to take what we learned home for subsequent daily practice. To encourage relaxation, Taylor had us pair up with someone we did not know and took us through several movements designed to reduce any emotional anxiety we might have been carrying.

Taylor told us Tienko would simply move through the room and activate our chi by communicating “nature to nature.” She then introduced Tienko, a very calm, gentle and unpretentious man. Tienko kept his instructions simple: “Close your eyes; relax your body; and empty your mind.” He indicated that each of us would experience the activation process differently. We were to open ourselves to the process and to refrain from analysis. The activation would take one hour.

I stood erect and did as I was told. My years of Zen meditation helped me to empty my mind. Within minutes I felt my hips and torso move, seemingly of their own volition. I felt a subtle but distinct feeling of energy move through me. Time passed and my body “suggested” that I drop gently to the floor as the energy continued its flow. I laid on my back and then turned over on my stomach, all the while feeling the energy move through me.

The rest of the day, with time out for lunch, was spent learning how to practice natural chi movement in various positions: standing, lying prone, sitting in a chair. During breaks, participants shared their experiences with one another.

I left the workshop feeling I had experienced something beyond the realm of the intellect, yet something that had tremendous potential to heal and alleviate human suffering.

Can Chi Activation Improve Health?

Last fall I attended a workshop on Natural Chi Movement led by Tienko Ting. The workshop was sponsored by my friend David Mortell, who has a robust acupuncture and nutrition practice in Pittsburgh. It was a transformative experience for me. In subsequent posts, I will be writing extensively about what I learned and what I now practice. Tienko is a truly remarkable teacher and healer whose work deserves widespread dissemination. Stay tuned.

What is Your Antidote for Meeting the World’s Suffering?

One needs only to read (or view) the daily news to be reminded of the pervasive violence and suffering in our world. America’s seemingly  endless war on terrorism, the ongoing stalemate between the Israelis and the Palestinians, the Chinese occupation of Tibet and mass starvation in Africa are just the more visible instances of global violence. At home we are presented with daily occurences of gunmen, their minds twisted with fear and hatred,  who kill the human objects of their hatred, be it family members, their employers, celebrities, or government representatives.

We are bombarded daily with such stories by the mass media. I wonder if, on some psychological level, we become immunized to the reality of these events unless they touch us or our loved ones directly. We feel we must detach if only to stave off despair and paralysis.

Yet I encounter men and women who are creating meaning and fulfillment in their lives in the very midst of the world’s suffering. They are not only nurturing and nourishing themselves; they are reaching out and serving others, doing what they can, in ways large and small, to improve the human condition. I am fascinated by such individuals.

How do you meet your own suffering?  How do you nourish yourself and those around you? Bring your stories to me so I can post them on this site.

Getting to the Interview Table

Many job seekers have a relatively refined understanding of what career they are looking to develop. Their resumes and cover letters reflect this understanding. However, they are are not getting to the interview table. That’s because most resumes never reach the eyes of a decision-maker who can hire them. At my newly designed companion website, , I’ve created a new e_seminar entitled Getting to the Interview Table. If you know what kind of work you want in the marketplace, but have had little or no success getting job interviews, run, don’t walk to visit and click on the coaching tab. My e_seminar is within the financial means of virtually everyone! Life’s too short to spend your job search frustrated and in despair.

Who are you?

“Your whole idea about yourself is borrowed — borrowed from those who have no idea of who they are themselves.” — Osho

Check Out Our Expanded Site!

Visitors new and old will find expanded information at Future Design Studio. I am constantly seeking ways to better serve those who want to create lives they love. My companion site, will focus on career issues and development while will focus on broader life issues. I’ve inserted a What is Zen? page to introduce you to a rich spiritual tradition that has liberated and brought fulfillment to its many dedicated practitioners throughout its 2500 year history.  On a second page, Encouraging Words, I offer my thoughts on this simple yet difficult practice from the perspective of a Zen chaplain and a 35 year old student of The Way. I encourage you to click on these pages and give me your feedback.

Your Quote for Today

“The mind is the ground of evrything.” — Thich Nhat Hanh, Zen Buddhist monk.