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Nuns Can Be Groovy, Too

By Tim Hayes
Over the course of my elementary education, I sure met a lot of sisters. The kind with habits. And veils. And rosary beads. And an approach to discipline that certainly felt unshakable, unalterable, and unbelievable to me and my fellow “disciplinees” along the way.
Sister Dorothy, Sister James Ann, Sister Esther, [...]

Stick to Three Minutes

By Tim Hayes
I weep for the future.
Recently, a story on Jimmy Fallon preparing to become the next host of the “Tonight Show” ran on the Internet. In it, Fallon said he had spoken with the outgoing host, Jay Leno, about the job and asked Leno for advice.
In reply, Leno told Fallon to [...]

Discover Natural Chi Movement for Yourself

An informal Natural Chi Movement community has emerged from the NCM workshop held last fall in Pittsburgh. Individuals come together for monthly practice sessions and to share our experiences with this marvelous approach to health and healing.
Are you interested in learning more about Natural Chi Movement ? A second workshop will be held in Pittsburgh Saturday, April 30, [...]

Fulfillment Through Natural Chi Movement?

In my previous post, I mentioned attending a Natural Chi Movement workshop conducted by Tienko Ting.  The workshop was a revelation. I was introduced to a man and a process that allowed energy to flow through my body without my conscious control.  To describe the process is maddenly difficult. Before even attempting that, let me [...]

Can Chi Activation Improve Health?

Last fall I attended a workshop on Natural Chi Movement led by Tienko Ting. The workshop was sponsored by my friend David Mortell, who has a robust acupuncture and nutrition practice in Pittsburgh. It was a transformative experience for me. In subsequent posts, I will be writing extensively about what I learned and what I [...]

What is Your Antidote for Meeting the World’s Suffering?

One needs only to read (or view) the daily news to be reminded of the pervasive violence and suffering in our world. America’s seemingly  endless war on terrorism, the ongoing stalemate between the Israelis and the Palestinians, the Chinese occupation of Tibet and mass starvation in Africa are just the more visible instances of global violence. [...]

Getting to the Interview Table

Many job seekers have a relatively refined understanding of what career they are looking to develop. Their resumes and cover letters reflect this understanding. However, they are are not getting to the interview table. That’s because most resumes never reach the eyes of a decision-maker who can hire them. At my newly designed companion website, [...]

Who are you?

“Your whole idea about yourself is borrowed — borrowed from those who have no idea of who they are themselves.” — Osho

Check Out Our Expanded Site!

Visitors new and old will find expanded information at Future Design Studio. I am constantly seeking ways to better serve those who want to create lives they love. My companion site, will focus on career issues and development while will focus on broader life issues. I’ve inserted a What is Zen? page to introduce you to a rich spiritual [...]

Your Quote for Today

“The mind is the ground of evrything.” — Thich Nhat Hanh, Zen Buddhist monk.