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Dealing with Uncertainty in Pittsburgh…or Anywhere Else

The financial crisis that has engulfed our nation is now permeating the global economy. Respected economists have called this the greatest threat to our financial system since The Great Depression. The Fed and the U.S. Treasury are taking unprecedented steps to open up the credit markets. Just this morning, Eropean leaders announced they were infusing billions [...]

Lemons & Lemonade — Another Look

You may hate your current job, but when the economic climate is not right to begin a job search, you need to consider strategies that will enable you to retain your equilibrium and better position yourself within your organization. In my last post, I mentioned stepping back and taking an emotional audit of your organization and your [...]

Making Lemonade out of Lemons in Pittsburgh

The turmoil roiling the waters of the national and local economy create a climate in which leaving your current job poses some very risky challenges. The wiser course may be to stay with your present job until conditions are more favorable, even though the last thing you may want to do is stay put.
Yesterday I suggested you to step [...]

Pittsburgh, the Recession & You

The failure and subsequent bailout of the nation’s iconic financial institutions, the bankruptcy or sell-off of  huge banks once regarded as impregnable, and the lingering cancer of subprime mortgages have combined to deepen the nation’s recession and create a climate of fear and doubt throughout the nation. Many astute economists have called the situation the most [...]

“Pittsburgh is schizophrenic.”

The Sunday, September 28, 2008 issue of the Post-Gazette featured a fascinating interview with Barry Balmat, outoing director of Rand Corporation’s Pittsburgh office. Balmat’s remarks on the greater Pittsburgh region, its leaders, and residents was overwhelmingly favorable. However, he seasoned his remarks with observations that decision-makers and their constituencies should take to heart if we are to continue [...]

Fulfilling The Pittsburgh Promise

Yesterday I cited one of Pittsburgh’s most innovative and exciting programs, The Pittsburgh Promise. A primary focus on the program is to provide college scholarships for Pittsburgh Public Schools’ graduating seniors. New Executive Director Saleem Ghubril has been appointed to lead this most ambitious initiative.
One of Ghubril’s first actions was to move the program out of [...]

The Pittsburgh Promise

Saleen Ghubril is not a man who’s afraid of a challenge. As the new Executive Director of The Pittsburgh Promise, he is charged with raising $15 million by June 30, 2009 so that 1000 graduating high school seniors will have scholarship money to pursue their college education.
Created in December 2007 through The Pittsburgh Foundation with [...]

Pittsburgh Metro Area Unemployment Worsens

Pennsylvania’s unemployment figures rose substantially in August, although the number of jobless workers in the nation overall was still higher. “We’re finally feeling the effects of the weakening national economy,” Troy Thompson, a spokesman for the PA Department of Labor & Industry reported. Pennsylvania’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate rose four tenths of a percentage points [...]

Pittsburgh Region Feels the Impact of the National Recession

According to a front page article in the September 6th edition of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the nation’s unemployment rate reached 6.1 percent, a five-year high, up from 5.7 percent in July. “The magnitude of the job losses, 84,000 jobs, is not terrible, but it does continue a very weak pattern,” said Robert Dye, senior economist with [...]

Why Informational Inteviewing Works in Pittsburgh — or Anywhere Else

The ultimate goal of informational interviewing is to identify potential job opportunities for you. Using work of mouth referral strategies to target key decision-makers gets you the interview; the decision-maker will meet with you because he knows and trusts the person making the referral. He knows you are interested in information and will not ask him [...]