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Mid-Life Transitions II

As we enter mid-life, we enter a new phase of development where we are challenged and often find ourselves in seas of transition.  We are concerned with raising and maintaining a family, finding and strengthening a career path, laying a foundation for financial security, taking care of our more critical health issues, and nurturing our [...]

Mid-Life Transitions

In mid-life we experience many transitions. We may be leaving a marriage, seeking a better job, looking for answers to raising our kids, or dealing with a serious illness. If you feel you are in transitions, Encores! was created just for you.
One of the core intents behind the development of Encores! was to create a [...]


In our beginnings all things are fresh and new. There is the hope, the excitement, the anticipation of moving forward, taking action, the creation of something new.
In mid-life, however, our lives often take on the sameness of routine, a dullness of vision, apathy, ennui. We feel weighed down by our responsibilities, our obligations.
Can we shake [...]

Do You Feel Isolated?

In mid-life many of us feel alone and isolated from our friends and family when confronted with the difficult challenges we encounter during this phase of our lives. We are so preoccupied with addressing the issue or fixing the problem, that we hunker down within ourselves and lose touch with the very people who can [...]