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Finding Our Place in the World

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Most of us live most of our lives within the realm of the relative world: the realm of childhood, school, learning a trade, or carving out a career, finding a marriage partner, and raising a family. Our lives are shaped by our DNA, our personality type, the influences of family and environment, and any traumas we experience along the way.

We experience joy and sadness, find and lose friends, acquire and discard material possessions, and measure our status in relation to those around us. Our satisfaction is often determined by how we relate to power, money, and sensual pleasure. Our lives take on a surreal, dreamlike quality.Contemplation

As we move through life, however, we inevitably encounter sickness, aging, and death. We attend more funerals. The technology of the mass media brings world hunger, natural catastrophes, genocide, and religious wars into our living rooms. We experience a fundamental “dis-ease” with ourselves and the world around us.

Many of us will simply bury the question under the routine of daily life. Others will begin a search for meaning, for penetrating the conundrums that have accompanied human life since its inception. And as we walk along this path, we enter the world of the unknown, the Absolute, guided by the masters of the great spiritual traditions and the inquiries of modern science.

In Encores!, we will ask ourselves, How do we deal with the mundane anguish of our everyday lives? How do we live fully within the light of our common mortality?

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