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Life-Work Discovery

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How do we experience fulfillment?

Fulfillment arises from within. It emerges from an understanding of our True Nature.

What are you doing with your life right now?

To create a life and career you love, you need to:

  • Be clear about what you want
  • Discover the many options available to you
  • Design a plan that meets your needs
  • Take action to make your dreams a reality

What is Life-Work Discovery?

Life-Work Discovery is a model for helping people discover their passions and empowering them to design a life and work they love. The model features an experiential, results-oriented process that recognizes and honors each person’s unique qualities and needs.

On my Pittsburgh Career Coach website, I focus on applying the Life-Work Discovery model to career development. If this is your primary interest, please check out this website where you will find the tools and resources required to take your career to the next level.

On this website, I use the Life-Work Discovery model to focus on the entire world of one’s life. We are not victims, but rather, creators of our lives.

Consider this 7-Step approach that includes the following components:

Deep Self-Exploration – Look inward to discover your passions and complete probing assignments geared to surfacing your unique talents and gifts.

Life Design – You uncover and define various life-enhancing options for further, more detailed consideration.

Fears & Resistance – Seeking fulfillment clients inevitably encounter the unknown which opens a Pandora’s Box of fear and resistance. They prefer to stay in well-established ruts. However, if you give yourself to the Life-Work Discovery process, you are able to accept your fears as normal, part of the human condition, and are empowered to transform your personal barriers into pathways to success.

Research – Sometimes our resistance to change and self-actualization lies in the simple reality we don’t have enough information. By gathering and assimilating information and creating your own support team, you gather the resources needed to help you reach your goals.

Action Plan – To create a life you love, you need a map to help you find your way. Using the Life-Work Discovery process, you define your short- and long-term goals while formulating an action plan to achieve them.

Coaching – Some fortunate people can “go it alone.” For the rest of us, however, a trained, skill coach is essential to clarify issues, identify roadblocks, and shorten the time needed to walk the path to fulfillment.

Unlocking Doors – People help people. Through this process, you learn how to identify and put yourself in front of people who can open doors, cultivate those relationships and engage them to help you overcome obstacles on your way to success.