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Energizing a career at midlife

“Between jobs, Neal reflected my own strength back to me, during a time of doubt. Neal opened my mind to new career possibilities. Neal taught me the many ways to network… Neal gave me the support, encouragement, and tools I needed to move my career to the next level. I am a fan of Neal’s and I know you will be, too!”– K.G.

A career insurance policy

“Neal Griebling is an outstanding career coach. I worked with Neal to develop a contingency plan in case I lost my current job. While I am happily employed, I realize that nothing is certain and that I need an ‘insurance’ plan.” –M.D.

“Neal helped me to identify career options and introduced me to a more effective job hunting approach. During the course of my counseling with Neal, I changed positions and Neal helped me to develop a strategy for salary negotiations” – N.P.

A non-traditional approach

“Neal’s gentle, respectful counseling looks at the essential questions: why am I here? What am I meant to be doing? He is convinced that it is not only possible, but also essential, to find work that is aligned with our deepest values and that allows us to express our essence. Neal taught me to trust my “specialness,” as he put it, and to believe in myself and my unique offering to the world.

“Emily Dickinson wrote of her poetry, ‘This is my letter to the world.’ Neal Griebling knows that each of us has our own very special letter to write and he offers a service that makes that possible. I encourage you to call Neal for more information about the Life-Work Discovery model so that you too can live your life ‘on purpose,’ and experience the exquisite personal fulfillment that this brings.” – N.K.

Taking a chance

“Dear Mr. Griebling:

As you know I was looking for a career change into the technology field, but was making no progress with the traditional ways of applying for job openings. After the initial consultation, I decided to give your career counseling a chance. You showed me some non-traditional approaches to meeting people who made hiring decisions, while paying attention to my core interests. Ultimately a combination of your solid guidance and my dedication led to a great opportunity that turned into me getting hired. Now I work in a job tailor-made for my interests and I love the work I do.” – H.D.